Syrian Cylinder House is one of the best companies in pre-press field in Syria which built in 2004 in industrial zone of Damascus in Al-Sbeneh Suburb and become the first project in pre-press and cylinders engraving Fields.

We in Syrian cylinder house do all the operations about preparing various cylinders for printing and engraving:

  • Manufacturing Steel base and Rotogravure cylinders For All Kinds of Flexible Packing.
  • Manufacturing steel base and Rotogravure cylinders For Decorative printing Mode
  • Manufacturing steel base and (Anilox) cylinders For Flexo Machines with high Resolution
  • Manufacturing all sizes of Flexo cylinders with possibility to Separate the axe and Plate a layer of Hard chrome on the cylinder surface to protect it
  • In addition to all preparing turning operations and also minerals covering for the cylinders.

In the other hand these operations done by using modern machines and technologies for production line from Daetwyler Company and with stately group from the experience levels contain designers’ adepts and Engineers with different chemical technical competences.

The prominent point in our company is the infinite accuracy and the quick on doing the jobs attached by saving the quality of the productions along the stages.